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Anyang younengde Electric Co., Ltd. Luoyang younengde Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the R & D, design and manufacture of (new, energy-saving and multi-functional) DC plasma melting furnace, high-power DC power supply and non-toxic treatment equipment for solid and hazardous wastes.

Our company adheres to independent innovation and pioneering spirit, and has obtained 20 patents on DC plasma melting furnace. The design and manufacturing capacity of equipment capacity ranges from 50KVA to 30000KVA.

The process of refining and enriching rare and precious metals from raw ore, catalyst and industrial solid waste is mature and the yield is high. Metal silicon cutting mud and metal silicon slag have high yield in smelting 75# ferrosilicon. Waste circuit boards are directly melted into the furnace, and the recovery rate of non-ferrous metals is high. Good quality of calcium acid smelting process.

The circuit adopts advanced high-speed railway rectification working system and has cutting-edge photoelectric isolation technology. No interference to power grid. Wide application range, the temperature of arc core is up to 10000 ℃, and the outer flame temperature of arc is 4000 ℃.

The elements that can be smelted include: iron, copper, nickel, cobalt, lead, zinc, tin, antimony, bismuth, gold, silver, chromium, molybdenum, magnesium, manganese, tantalum, niobium, platinum, rhodium, palladium, vanadium, titanium, iridium and other metals.

The varieties of raw materials that can be smelted include: metal alloy, ore, tail slag, solid waste, hazardous waste, various smelting waste residues, dust removal ash and other materials.