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What are the reasons for iron infiltration in submerged arc furnace and what should we do?

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What are the reasons for iron infiltration in submerged arc furnace and what should we do?

Cause analysis of iron infiltration in submerged arc furnace:

Analyze the reason:

① Whether the physical and chemical indexes of self baking carbon brick can meet the national standard;

② During masonry, the gap does not meet the masonry requirements, some refractory bricks have been reworked, and whether the rest masonry quality can meet the masonry requirements;

③ When adding wood and coke, the heating is too fast, and the temperature of the whole furnace rises rapidly;

④ Operate the forced insertion electrode to increase the voltage;

⑤ When the current exceeds the rated value, the no power greatly exceeds the available power, and the compensation rate factor fluctuates about 0.3;

⑥ It is difficult to insert the electrode. In the early stage, stop dolomite, increase coke, reduce coke and add carbon free materials in the later stage;

⑦ The use of high A1203 slag type is extremely inappropriate. The high melting point furnace will shrink the crucible, the electrode is difficult to insert, it is difficult to discharge the slag, and the slag is discharged cleanly, which will aggravate the deterioration of the furnace condition;

⑧ The impact of two large slag turnover of furnace lining.

Treatment measures for iron infiltration in submerged arc furnace:

① In contrast, increasing the iron element in the charge will be conducive to digesting the carbonized cinnamon accumulated at the bottom of the furnace;

② Carbon emission is adopted. In the original material batch, 8% carbon emission can be reduced to 5%, and the normal material batch can be recovered at any time according to the increase of iron tapping carbon emission;

③ Moderately increase the alkalinity of the batch and reduce the difficulty of slag discharge;

④ Pushing up the voltage in time will further aggravate the rise of furnace mouth temperature;

⑤ In the presence of technical management personnel, in the later stage of tapping, the power-off plug electrode can be occasionally used to extrude the semi molten charge in the crucible area and strengthen the slag discharge at the furnace mouth;

⑥ Adjust the coke quality, use blue carbon and coke in a certain proportion, and increase the specific resistance;

⑦ The current shall be controlled within the rated value; Strengthen slag discharge at furnace mouth;

⑧ When the electrode does not rise significantly, appropriately extend the tapping cycle and increase the furnace temperature.

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