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What are the methods to improve the performance of submerged arc furnace} lining?

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What are the methods to improve the performance of submerged arc furnace lining?

At present, the capacity of submerged arc furnace is increasing. Generally, it is 23000 KVA, and there are more than 100000. However, the furnace lining masonry technology continues the traditional technology of small capacity furnace in the past, and has not been greatly improved. This has led to the frequent occurrence of early damage and scrapping accidents of submerged arc furnace lining, especially ferroalloy submerged arc furnace lining, causing huge economic losses to the majority of enterprises. At the same time, it also hinders the development of submerged arc furnace technology and has become a long-standing and difficult problem of smelting technology. According to the author's understanding, there are three kinds of lining masonry methods of submerged arc furnace:

I Wide joint method of carbon brick: the gap between carbon bricks is about 50mm, which is filled and tamped with self baking carbon material, and then a layer of about 10cm cold tamping paste is paved;

II Charcoal bricks are seamless: there is no gap between charcoal bricks. During masonry, each charcoal brick shall be closely bonded together with a jack, and then paved with 10 layers of CM. At present, the commonly used method is cold ramming paste on the left and right;

III Integral tamping method: the furnace is integrally cast without carbon brick and cold tamped.

The above three methods have their own characteristics and disadvantages:

I In the wide seam method, the width of the brick seam is first eroded and consumed by the molten iron. The molten iron invades under the carbon brick and gradually floats the carbon brick, resulting in the failure of the furnace lining.

II In fact, the seamless method does not really achieve seamless. The molten iron comes down along the brick seam and gradually floats up to the bottom of the carbon brick, resulting in the failure and scrapping of the whole furnace lining.

III As there is no cold crushing process like carbon brick in the process of high-pressure compaction and vacuum baking, its performance is far lower than that of prebaked carbon brick, and its service life is short, generally no more than one year. However, this method has low cost and short construction period.

After years of production practice, the author compared the differences of the three methods and invented a new method. On the basis of log carbon brick seamless method, the charcoal brick is reprocessed into ring groove and concave structure. The characteristics of self baking charcoal material are skillfully used to connect the charcoal brick including the same layer and the same layer, blocking the gap of underwater penetration and transverse penetration of iron, and connecting the charcoal brick of the whole furnace lining into a whole, so that the furnace lining has the excellent performance of charcoal brick and the integrity of the third overall crushing method. The service life of hot furnace lining is short Frequent accidents, early scrapping and other major problems.

Well, the above is the introduction to the methods to improve the service performance of submerged arc furnace lining. For more details, see the official website: /