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What are the reasons for the high power consumption of electric arc furnace steelmaking?

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What are the reasons for the high power consumption of electric arc furnace steelmaking?

As we all know, electric arc furnace steelmaking consumes a lot of power, so what is the reason for the power consumption of electric arc furnace steelmaking? We can follow the electric arc furnace manufacturer to understand it!

① Raw material conditions.

It is easy to shut down the furnace due to the high demand for light steel and scrap. In case of insufficient primary loading, secondary feeding is required. In some cases, there have been three feeding, which also increases the heat loss. Each additional loading (with an average loading time of 5min) increases the power consumption by about 7-12kw · H / T. after the raw material is cleaned, it is found that after C and P enter the oxidation period, the removal of C and P takes longer time and higher energy consumption.

② Skills of operators.

The power consumption in melting period accounts for 60% - 70% of the total power consumption, and the main waste of power after chemical cleaning Blind slag flow is a common phenomenon in the process of dephosphorization in oxidation stage, which wastes a lot of energy.

③ Affect objective conditions.

In the smelting process, due to the shortage of electric energy, the phenomenon of switching off and limiting power suddenly appeared. With the passage of time, the cooling and solidification of molten steel need to be melted again, which wastes a lot of electric energy.

④ Other accidents.

If the operator does not operate properly, the electrode will be broken and a lot of heat will be lost in the process of electrode treatment. When the sample is recovered during the recovery period, it is found that the composition is unqualified, and secondary oxidation must be carried out, which will also roll a lot of heat energy. The coal oxygen burner leaks in the smelting process and interrupts melting; Furnace wall hanging materials need to open the furnace cover to delay the smelting time to varying degrees and increase heat loss.

Well, the above is the reason for the high power consumption of electric arc furnace steelmaking analyzed by electric arc furnace manufacturers. For more details, please visit the official website: /

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