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Composition and application of submerged arc furnace!

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The electric arc furnace equipment manufacturer introduces the composition and application of submerged arc furnace. Generally speaking, the submerged arc furnace is composed of furnace body, low smoke hood, distribution, blanking system, hydraulic system, cooling water system, pneumatic system, computer operating system and other auxiliary tapping equipment.

Firstly, as the raw material for reducing smelting ore and carbon reducing agent, submerged arc furnace has made outstanding contributions to the production of ferroalloys such as ferrosilicon manganese iron and ferrosilicon manganese alloy. It is also an important industrial raw material and calcium carbide in the metallurgical industry.

The electric arc furnace equipment manufacturer introduces the composition and application of submerged arc furnace

Submerged arc furnace is widely used in industrial smelting, which can be divided into siliceous iron furnace, manganese iron furnace, nickel iron furnace, calcium carbide submerged arc furnace, mineral wool furnace, etc.

Domestic: 12500kVA, 6300KVA Common; The internal structure system of submerged arc furnace is clear and the working principle is simple. To put it bluntly, it is an industrial electric arc furnace or resistance furnace with high power consumption.

In addition, the submerged arc furnace uses carbon or magnesium refractory as the furnace lining and self-cultivation electrode. The electrode is inserted into the furnace for submerged arc operation. To a large extent, the arc energy and current are used to melt metal, feed, intermittent iron slag and continuous industrial furnace through furnace resistance.

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